Didi Ki Sexy Chut

Hi friends, this is a story about me and my sister . this sex stori didi ki chudai is no fiction , it is absolutely real and even b4 writing it i m feeling horny. so get ready for the fun i am Karan and i stay in Delhi, this is a story which is b/w me and my elder sister .my elder sister is 8 years elder to me . she is a very cute and a very sexy girl , in other u can say that she is a girl of every guy fs dream. She generally is very close to me and shares everything with me.this happened when i was 19 yrs old and she was 27 yrs old . she was not married till then she is generally very open and very fresh kinda girl and used to wear a t shirt and jeans when at home or even outside one day everyone was at home and i and Preet(my sister) were watching TV in other room . she was lying on bed and i was sitting beside her , Suddenly she stretched herself and her t shirt went up to her navel and i was looking at her in that position . i saw that Preet has shaved her stomach and she didn’t have even one hair on her stomach suddenly i got an erection.when i was looking at her she saw me looking at her navel but she didn’t try to pull her t shirt down instead she stretched herself a bit more exposing a bit more of her shaved stomach , Then i realized that she is my sister and wen out of that room then some days went by and i found a sudden change in her behavior. she used to wear short t shirts more often and try to expose in front of me friends woh mere saamne apna nanga pait dikhati thi . i got very horny but could not take a chance then one day when no one was at home . they all had gone to chandigarh to attend some relative fs marriage so only me and Preet were at home . She was taking a bath and i was sitting watching TV suddenly she called me from bathroom and told me to give her a soap as her previous one had finished . i took the soap out of the drawer and gave it to her . she said ki ander aa ke de do kyuki floor pe paani hai kahi mai gir na jau . so i went inside and gave the soap to her and i had a glimpse of her navel once again . Then she came out after taking her bath and she was just in her bra and panty and again called me inside . i asked her what is it , she said that can i pass her the clothes from the other room . i said why not . then i gave her the clothes and saw her in bra panty she was looking absolutely gorgeous and she saw me looking at her and had a smile going her face. didi ki chudai I didn’t do nothing and came out of that room again . then in the afternoon we both lied on the same bed and thought of sleeping and the same thing happened again . her t shirt went up again and i turned on the bed and my hand suddenly touched her nude stomach .i didn’t remove my hand and she had her eyes closed . i don’t know from where did i get this courage but i moved a hand little deep in her navel and started fingering her navel . then i didn’t have courage to go further Then in the evening she was behaving as if nothing happened . and she said that bhai mere badan mein bahut thakaan hai kya tum masaage kar dego meri taango ki aur back ki . maine kaha ha kyu nahi behen . she said then oil leke mere room mein aa jao . maine kaha theek hai . aur mai oil leke chala gaya. didi ki chudai Jaise hi mai uske room mein gaya toh maine dekha k usne apne kapde utaare nahi the . maine kaha behen aise maalish karaogi . she said ki aur kaise karaungi . maine kaha aise toh saare kapde gande ho jayenge . didi ki chudai she said ok and removed her shirt .bhaiyo us samay toh mera mooh ek dum sookh gaya . itni sexy lag rahi thi meri behen sirf bra mein . fir woh bed pe ulti let gayi aur mai uske paas baith gaya . then i poured some oil on her desi xnxx bangla choti kahini Back and with trembling hands i started massaging her back . she said ki bhai tumhare haath itne kaanp kyu rahe hai . maine kaha pata nahi . she said ok koi baat nahi .fir mai uski back maalish kari aur mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki mai jannat mein hu .fir massage karte hue mera haath uski bra mein fas gaya , maine kaha oho preet mera haath tumhari bra mein fus gaya hai . fir usne ek shocking answer diya , usne kaha ki theek hai bra khol do . i couldn’t believe what she said . Bu i obeyed her and opened her bra and starting massaging her full back , fir maine ek dum uske boobs ko side se touch kiya. aur woh ek dum se hil gayi maine kaha kya hua maza aa raha hai massage ke , she said ki bahut maza aa raha hai karan then dheere dheere se mai uske pajama neeche kar raha tha maano ki uski thodi si hip line dikhni shuru ho gayi thi . fir ek dum se woh uthi aur usne bola ki bus bhai ho gayi maalish . maine kaha ki tumne taango ki nahi karaani . toh usne kaha ki haa karani toh hai . toh maine kaha ki let jao fir .