Encounter After A Cultural Event – Part 1

Hello, sexy boys and girls. I am Neha and I am back with one of the old incidents.

Thanks a lot for showering me with emails regarding the sex stories I wrote last week.

I appreciate your time and efforts you took to write to me. I am really sorry if I could not write back to you. It was only due to the lack of time and not because I am trying to ignore you. I love everyone who admired my stories.

For the first time readers, I am Neha and I am from Indore.

I work as a Marketing Head in an MNC. I settled in Mumbai and previously I was working in almost all the metro cities.

Before this, I did my masters in the UK at a reputed University. As, I promised some of my fans that I will be narrating a story of the incidents happened in my university days, here I am with one such incident.

So, when I was studying at the University, I was also interested in my University local theater club. I joined the club and was acting in a few plays.

We were planning for a play to be played on out the cultural festival. The people were discussing which culture to choose and what to be played.

Later, we came up with the idea of playing the story of slaves who rebelled against the Roman Empire.

We named the play as “The Dangerous Slaves”. I got the role of Naevia.She was a slave in Roman Empire. She falls in love with one of the gladiators called Crixus. She escapes along with a few gladiators from the kingdom. We got the approval for the play and were devoting ourselves for the play.

We went to various stores to purchase our costumes and it was a hard task.

After a few struggles, we got our costumes. I was supposed to wear a toga dress. It was like a mini skirt at the bottom and on tops, it was one handed. I really felt comfortable with this costume.

We used to rehearse for more than two hours a day. I was one of the first-year students in that play and only a few were seniors.

One day, after rehearsing, we were about to leave for the day. Out of nowhere, some of our seniors arrived and were talking about the play we were supposed to play at the cultural festival.

First, before coming to the UK, I thought there won’t be any ragging by the seniors and that day proved me wrong.

The seniors were not ready to let us change from the play’s costume. They were asking each and everyone’s role and their character’s part in the play. When they came to me, I told them that my name in the play was Naevia and our conversation went like this:

Senior 1: What is your name?

Me: Neha. In the play I am Naevia.

Senior 2: What is your character doing in this play? What is her story?

Me: She is a queen’s slave and she secretly loves a gladiator Crixus. Eventually, she is imprisoned for having an affair with a gladiator and finally saved by her lover. At the end, she escapes with her lover from the kingdom.

S3: You look hot in this dress.

Me: Thanks.

S1: Let’s see how you talk to Crixus in the play.

We showed them, how we meet in the play and talk secretly. But the seniors were not satisfied. They asked us to kiss as the lovers meet will never be full without a kiss. We acted ad if we kissed by covering our palms over our mouths.

S2: Come on. Show us a real kiss. We are not leaving you until you show us a real Roman kiss.

As we do not have an option and none of these reel gladiators are brave enough to fight, I kissed the guy playing Crixus.

I hugged him tight and locked my lips with his lips. His lips were really sweet to taste. I was wondering why didn’t I kiss him these days? He was a good kisser too. He had a girlfriend actually, who came to see the play every day. She was there watching our kiss that day too.

After the kiss, I saw her feeling uncomfortable. Our seniors were finally satisfied and left. The guy’s girlfriend came to us and was yelling at her. She was very furious. She even called me a bitch.

Hearing this, I got real angry. I shouted back at her. The guy playing Crixus was trying to spread us aside and stop the fight. She even tried to punch on my face but was stopped by her boyfriend.

He grabbed her and took her away.

After a couple of minutes, he returned alone. He came to me, where I was about to change my dress. Others were leaving without giving much importance to our conversation. He told me that he was sorry for his girlfriend’s harsh behavior.