Fucked a Virgin Girl Geetu

Fucked a Virgin Girl Geetu

Fucked a Virgin Girl GeetuGeetu and I first met at the Delhi airport when I was boarding my flight to Houston. Geetu looked like the girl next door with average looks, wheatish complexion, and a plump body. Dressed in blue half pants and white jacket, she was standing in the queue to check-in her baggage. We made eye contact once or twice and smiled to greet each other.

Next, I saw her at Houston international airport where she was waiting next to me for her baggage to arrive. I helped her pull her baggage and she said thanks. She was not walking properly and so I asked her if she was ok.She told me that she had hurt herself on her toe and it was paining badly.

I got her a taxi and wished her luck for her studies and we parted. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to talk to me and did not wanted to go.

The same night I added her as a friend on FB but it took her 4 days to accept my request. We started chatting and talking regularly. After almost a month we planned to go out for a movie. She was looking pretty with curled hairs and dressed in a skirt with high heels.

We watched the movie and had dinner together.

We talked for two hours after dinner and I shook her hand to say goodbye. I came home and thinking about her all the time. I even dreamed about her and the following week I was thinking about her all the time. We started chatting on cam, I was constantly thinking about her and could not concentrate on my work.

She called me to ask about the weekend plans and I told her that I had plans to go to a pub and if she will join me.She agreed and I picked her up in the evening. She was dressed very sensuously in a black halter neck dress.

I told her that she was looking very beautiful and I could see a shine in her eyes and as if she dressed for this compliment of mine. We had a couple of drinks and we danced. I embraced her in my arms and kissed her several times. We were both drunk but I did not want to make any wrong move.

I dropped her home at around 1:00 am in the night and we kissed each other on lips.I did not want to go and neither did she. I waited there for her to enter her apartment and I started my car to leave. I just passed the next street from her house when I thought of calling her.

I called her and told her that I wanted to spend some more time with her, she laughed and asked me if I was ok.I told her that I liked her company and wanted to spend some more time with her. She came out and we went for a drive.After a long drive, we came to my apartment and I requested her to stay for the night and I will drop her back in the morning.

Now before we come to action, let me draw a picture of Geetu and myself.Geetu is 5’3 in height, long hairs, big eyes, beautiful lips, dusky skin (just perfect for evening makeup), big boobs (a little saggy), perfectly curved ass and bit plumpy body.

I later discovered that she had the stamina to do it up to eleven times in one night.And she was a talented blow jobber. Lol. About me, I am 6 feet tall, fair, muscular, horny, jolly and smart young guy with a broad chest, very good looks and a 7 inches very thick lund.

As soon as we entered the apartment I kissed her lips passionately and my tongue was exploring her mouth. She hugged me tightly and her nails were digging my back. I picked her up in my arms and kissed her passionately on her neck and shoulders licking her down to her cleavage. She was heavy. Lolz and I had to drop her on the sofa quickly.

I laid on top of her with my hands on her breast and my manhood rubbing against her vagina over her clothes. I started pressing her boobs and she started moaning. I stood up removed my t-shirt and vests and she gained some consciousness. We should not be doing this. Drop me back home, please. These were the words that came out. I locked her lips with mine.She got on her toes to dig her tongue even deeper in me.

I took her to my bedroom and lighted a few fragrance candles. I lifted her skirt, pulled her panty down and unhooked my jeans.Her choot was very very watery and hot. I wanted to lick it but I felt it be yucky. I started sucking her boobs and she started moaning.I was still in my undies and was rubbing my lund on her choot.