Hot Chudai With Elder Sister

Hot Chudai With Elder Sister

Hot Chudai With Elder SisterHello, this Niks from Mumbai. I am a regular visitor of this sex stories site. I always used to fantasize about girls thinking of them and imagining them as nude in front of me.

The story which I am going to tell you is a one with my cousin. I am a 24-year-old guy with a medium type of physique but my friends tell me that I am handsome. I am 5 ft 8 inches tall and have a healthy body. Anyway, from the beginning of my college, I wasn’t interested in any of girls. Sometimes I used to stare at some girls of other classes but never wanted to talk to them, as I thought it is a total time waste.

I am doing my MBA in Finance and I am also an expert in the computers as I have done many courses. My cousin’s name is Priya and she is 5 ft 4inches tall and having a good figure of around 34-28-35. She has good long silky hair that made her look very sexy and attractive. She is doing her masters in computer and she is three years elder to me.

It all started when I went to her house one day. She had told me to bring some latest softwares and some good antivirus CDs. So one Saturday afternoon I went to her house. As I enter her house there was no one in her house except she and her mother. I quietly entered her house and she directly called me into her room.

She had already switched on the computer and she was doing some project. She told me to sit down and she took a chair and sat next to me. So within no time, I took out the CDs and started loading the softwares.

Almost I was done and suddenly her computer got hanged and was not responding to the new software which I had loaded. So as you all know I did the same thing i.e, CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Suddenly I saw a program on her computer by the name ‘live sex cam_in’ and got a perfect image that she is also interested in sex. But I just wanted to make sure that was it a prank or a real sex cam thing.

So I told her I need a glass of water but really I didn’t need some as I wasn’t thirsty. But as she went out of her room I opened that program and to my surprise it was a real one. This made me get confirmed that she is also interested in sex. She came in with a glass of water and I drank it with some ease.

I didn’t ask about the live sex cam thing as she could feel bad. At this moment her mother came into her room and told her that she is going out to the hospital. (Priya’s grandfather was ill and her father was in the hospital to take care of him) and could return only after two hours.

It was around 5’o clock in the evening. After her mother went on her way I and Priya were chatting about her vehicle as she had bought a new one.

It was around 6-30 and I said her that I am leaving to my house and went out and suddenly it started raining. So finally I was forced stay for some more time. At this point, her mother called to her house and told Priya that she wouldn’t be coming back to her house and would stay in the hospital with her father. She (Her mother) insisted me to stay in her house all the night with her as she will be alone.

So I called my mom and told that I wouldn’t be coming as I’ll stay in her house. My mom agreed.

Priya told me that she has a VCD and told me that will make us a good time pass. So I inserted the CD and it was an English film. I saw the title and it read, “Double Delight”. I was a quite surprised by the name of the movie and to my surprise, it was a blue film!

I quickly stopped the movie after I saw the first scene and told her that there could be some mistake with the CD and CD and could have got exchanged. But she replied that she had purposely brought that CD.

She told me very boldly that she wants to have sex with me. And she said that she had an eye me for having sex many times before. I said that I had never thought of that as you are elder than me. She told that age never matters.

So after some hesitation, I agreed and she gave me an idea that we shall play the blue film and that will give us an initial start up. She rushed at me and took off my shirt. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t have any experience.