I Fucked My Boss’s Daughter-In-Law – A Widow Bhabhi

Hi friends, my name is Arvin from Goa. I am studying B.Com and doing a part-time job as a bartender in Vasco da Gama as it is my last year. I finished yearly exams and was enjoying my holidays.

So the owner of the bar called me and told me to work on his bus as a conductor and earn some extra money for college fees. As he was ready to pay me 300 Rs per day and separate money for my part time work in the night in his bar, I accepted the offer.

Now about the bhabhi (owner’s daughter), she is between 27-30 years, very fair and beautiful. Her husband used to run the bar and somehow he was addicted to alcohol at a young age and died. I was working on the bus route from Vasco to Madgaon.

One day bhabhi came on our bus. I knew she was a widow I just thought of making a try on her as she had a lot of money. She was traveling to Madgaon.As there was a rush in the bus she did not get a seat. She knew me as she had seen me working in the bar. So she smiled at me and asked, “How are you?”

I said, “I am fine” and while issuing the ticket, I just rubbed my body on her. She didn’t say anything and thought it was because of the rush in the bus.

She started coming to the bus daily at 9 am and she also started talking to me. Sometimes, I stare at her beautiful body while talking. She noticed me staring at her many times and gives a smile. I asked her whether she was working in Madgaon. She said, no and told me she has a flat in madgaon and was just traveling when she gets bored sitting at home.

I asked, “Why every day?”

She said, “Just for time pass”. I said, “Ok”

I said (jokingly), “give me a chance to pass time as well”

“what do you mean?”, she asked.

“I was just joking, bhabhi”, I said.

And then she smiled and I started to see her body intentionally. One day, I asked, “bhabhi, can I have your number?”. she gave me her number.

I sent her a dirty non-veg joke.She called me and asked, “Why are you sending such kind of jokes?”

I replied, “you are matured and that’s why I thought you might like it.”

She said, “I am your boss’s daughter-in-law”.

I said, “sorry”

She replied, “I was also joking! Actually, I liked it very much”

Then we both become friends on WhatsApp. I started flirting with her daily and also use to send her porn videos. She became a very good friend of mine. And I used to make good use of the rush on the bus to touch her ass.

I started calling her every day. One day she showed me her jewelry shop in Madgaon and asked me to stay with her till 7. while closing the shop, I don’t know how but I pressed her both boobs. She surprised and said, “I am a widow. This is not good”.

I said, “Bhabhi, just timepass”

She was looking angry but had a smile. I went to the corner of the shop, removed my pants my cock out and shown her. She smiled again and said, “nice cock” and moved out of the shop. I was like come on I stood there 10 min, she came again and said don’t want. While going to go home I show my cock again.

This time she closed the door from inside and said only for time pass and took my cock in her mouth. And said you young boys are very bad. We did not waste much time, I kissed her pussy and fucked her for half an hour on the table.

After the session, we moved out and while coming home we both seated on different seats. So, nobody doubted on us. Then from bus stand to home, I dropped her at home. also said try this time, I will make your pussy tear apart very wide every day. She smiled and said thank you.

At 11 PM I got her call, she asked me what I was doing now. I said I am missing you. She said like you are not satisfied with what you have done to me? I said ya of course I am, but I want you all the time. She said don’t take it seriously, it was just for timepass. I also doing time pass just have fun together.

Now she opens a new restaurant in Madgaon, I m doing a part time job there from 6 PM to 11 PM as a cashier. As I told you she owned a flat in Madgaon, I fucked her in the flat whenever I get the chance. She also gave me a duplicate key of flat.