Lost My Virginity To My Crush’s Friend

Hi guys, I am Vishali from Bangalore. I am a regular reader of DesiTales and this is my first post on DT. I am posting my first sex experience about how I lost my virginity.

It was 2012 when I was doing my B Tech final year in Bangalore. I love a guy (Sravan) from the past 4 years and he showed less interest in me. But he used to share all his feelings and desires for sex with me.

The way he describes those feelings made me more attracted towards him. I was waiting for the past 3 years to lose my virginity with him, but I never got a chance nor he took advantage. I used to go frequently to his room to spend some time with him.

He used to stay with 3 of his friends.Among them, Adithya is so attractive and he was having a lust for me which I could clearly identify from his eyes and his way of behavior.Adithya knew that I had a crush on Sravan and so maybe he didn’t want to go any further with me.

One day, I came to visit Sravan and he was not in a good mood and left the room leaving me alone in his room.

I felt bored and planned to start back to my room, then entered Adithya.

He asked me to stay for some more time since he was also feeling bored. But I denied and was about to leave.But he convinced me to stay for some more time until Sravan was back.So I have told him not to make me bored in order to stay.

We decided to watch an English movie. The movie had many tempting and hot scenes which made Adhithya’s cock erect. I could easily see his erected cock head from his night wear. When I felt something wrong was gonna happen, I decided to leave.

But suddenly I slipped and by mistake, fell on him and touched his erected cock. I was shocked since I was touching a cock for the first time.

Adhitya opened up his mind and told me that he felt nice when I touched his cock and he needs some quick sex.

Initially, I rejected but I started having feelings for him and his superb cock. He kept on requesting and started kissing me. I was completely lost and started enjoying his kiss. He put his tongue into my mouth and was running it freely inside.

I responded by licking his tongue and sucking his lips. He then smooched me and started pressing my boobs. I was all the control over myself and enjoying his touches. He was so happy pressing them hard and started kissing my whole body.

He then removed his inner and asked me to rub his cock. His cock was about 6 inch, brown and trimmed.

I rubbed the cock for some time and then I started giving him a blowjob. He started moaning, “uffff uffff”. I was really enjoying blowing him. I asked him whether it was his first sex or whether he had any experience before.

He gave a wicked smile and he inserted his cock inside my vagina slowly. It started paining a lot and I asked him to take it out immediately. But he wasn’t listening to me and instead started pushing his cock in and out my pussy.

After few minutes of pain, I started enjoying and moaning like hell. It made him hotter and he was fucking me harder now.

We enjoyed for about 20 minutes where he banged me so hard despite it was my first sex and finally cummed inside me while I had hit several orgasms well before he cummed. It was the first and one of the best nights of sex I ever had.

Later we took bath together and by the time Sravan came, we are just watching the movie in his room.I didn’t want him to know that I lost my virginity to his friend Adithya.But truth cannot be hidden for long.

After that night, I desperately needed Adhithya every night to quench my sex hunger and we enjoyed sex daily.

I will continue telling my second sex experience soon in my next story.