Me And Friend Fucked His Step Mom

Me And Friend Fucked His Step Mom

Me And Friend Fucked His Step MomSo,My name is Rohan.I’m 6’2 and I have a athletic body.I’m 21.I’m from Punjab and this story is a true story so don’t expect any out of the box things.This story is totally true and nothing of it is fiction.Hope you like it.

This is about how I helped my friend to fuck his step-WILD-mom.
This story consists of me,My friend, and her mom.My friend’s real mom passed away due to some sickness and his dad re-married soon after that.He was 4 at that time.

So fast forward,his step was hot as fuck..a young pussy..She is 41 and his dad is 54,I guess.

My friend didn’t really like her and always had this thing to fuck her.He shared that with me..I know it’s weird but fuck it.So he always had this fantasy to bang her and recently we fulfilled that.
The past winters,it was November..We were playing FIFA at his place and his mom was at home.His dad usually stays at their general store the whole day and to be honest,he’s kind of a slob.And my friend also told me that he never heard their parents having sex.So we made a plan to fuck her.

So coming to the story,We were at his place..his mom comes out for some work and I shout “Fuck” coz he scored.And she came to us and said

Mom:Ye kya tameez hai..Aise koi baat krta h kya?
Me:I am sorry aunty..Galti se nikal gya.Really sorry.
Friend: Sorry mom,galti se nikal gya usse.
Mom:Firse ni hona chahiye.
Me:Okay aunty.

So this was pretty bad.
Same day,I went to the washroom and saw her panties kept for washing.I was turned on and I gave them a sniff.That sounds disgusting but was really hot at that time.They were purple and really sexy.I masturbated too.

3 days later,I went to his place for some work and he wasn’t at home..His mom amswered the door and said he isn’t home and asked me to come inside.Our convo started-
Mom:Beta,Mayank (changed) ki life me kuch chl rha h kya?Vo bht ajeeb behave krta h aaj kal.

Me:Nei aunty..Aisa to kuch nei hai.
Mom:Pakka na?

Me:Hanji aunty.Pehle gf thee ek..ab breakup ho gya ae..shayad islye.
Mom:Ye tum log bhi na..Itni si umar me chakkar chla rhe ho.
Me:Hahahha..Itni si umar me to saare kaam kr chuke h hum.Aur mera abhi koi chakkar ni chl rha.

Mom:Matlb?Ye aisi baatein tum mujhse kr skte ho kya?Sochlo.
Me:Aapse kya sharmana.
Mom:Hahahah..Acha.Vaise me bhi kaafi bold mentality ki hoon.

Mom:I know you guys are into sex and stuff.Sex life kaisi h tumhari?Uski wajah se kaafi problems hoti h aaj kal ke youth me.Hahaha.
Me:Kya baat h aunty..Bht forward ho aap to.Meri to achi h..aapki kaisi h?Hahaha.

She got angry and asked me to leave.
I messaged her on whatsapp right after to not tell her husband and that I’m sorry.

She replied late at night saying
“Koi baat nei..Tumne kuch galat nei pucha..Ye bht sensitive topic h mere lye.

I replied,”matlb?”
She said “kal btaungi.”
I went to her place when her son wasn’t home.
I get in and she starts crying.Saying she was sorry that she over reacted the other day.

I said it was okay and she said
Mom:Mayank ke dad bht lazy ho gye hai..Pta h humne 1.5 saal se kiya nei h.
Me:Kya nei kiya?

Mom:Arrey sex.
I was shocked and happy.I thought this was the signal.
Me:Koi baat nei aunty..Aap to abhi active h..koi bhi mil jaaega apko..You’re so hot.

Mom:Sach me?
Me:(saying in jest) Agar mujhe mile mauka to me to roz krunga aapke sath..hahaha
She was laughing.
Mom:Kaash aisa hota.

This was the green light.
I went for her and started kissing her.She reciprocated.I fondled her tits over her suit.After 5 mins,she said Mayanak’s dad is gonna come..I should come the next day at 11:30 in the morning.I was over the cloud 9.

I called up my friend and told him everything.
He met me in the evening and we made a plan.
The next day Mayank left for college but came to my place.At 11:30,We both went to his place but he stayed out and I kept the door open.I went in silently and suprised her.She was making the bed..I hugged her from behind..and fondled her boobs.She turned and was happy to see me..We kissed and I removed her kurta.There she was,standing in a red bra.Huge boobs ready to be sucked.And just after I removed her tights as well.She was Wearing a blue panty and it was already wet.I put my hand inside it and it was shaved.I was happy.Lol.I removed her bra and was sucking her tits.She was moaning in joy and I was being fast as I wanted Mayank to come in ASAP.So for 5 minutes,she was sucking my dick and soon after,

I was fucking her like a wild rabbit.She was screaming in ecstasy.She pulled my hair like a wild horse.I was banging her and BOOM! Her son comes in and he was acting shocked and angry.It was our plan.
His mom covered her body using the bedsheet and was speechless.I said I’m sorry bro..I just happened.His mom was also saying not to tell this to anybody.And she started crying.

Mayank said:Aap to vaise bhi step mom ho.To kya farak padhta h..Mujhe bhi krna h aapke sath..tabhi ye sirf hmare beech me rhega.
Mom:Pagal h tu?Kya bol rha h ye?