Mess At Night

Mess At Night

Mess At NightHi, I am Ritoo from west Bengal and I am going to tell one of my most memorable day which changed me from what I was before. I am 34 years, 5’7’’ tall, (size36-34-36), long black hair with fair complexion. I am married for 10 yrs and mother of 2 children (one 7 yrs and other 4 yrs). As before, after that incident, I am still devoted to my husband and love him very much. My husband is a college professor. Till now we have a very good relation. I was like an ordinary typical Indian woman but about a year back due to an unusual situation, I was changed.

Due to my husband’s job purpose, we lived in a small town nearby Kolkata. There we used to live in rented house.Due to some problem, we decided to move to a big house and about 2 yrs before we shifted to our new house (where we are at present). So all the neighbors were very friendly to us. The society was a peaceful place.

At the right side of our house, we have a family who was more friendly than any other. They used to help us whenever we were in need of some help. They had 2 sons, one was 22 yrs named Kumar and the other was 15 yrs.They called us as bhiya and bhabhi.

So this story started with their elder son Kumar, about 5’10’’tall, slightly muscular and with the ability to impress women. He was very shy in front of me and whenever I asked him how many girlfriends did he have, he used to answer saying who would like to come with him. I didn’t see anything wrong in him. Our relationship was just like a sister and brother, but soon it changed to a sex partner.

So one day, after my hubby left for college, I was watching tv after finishing my work. Then suddenly the tv plug started to burn. So I got terrified and called Kumar. Luckily, that day he hadn’t gone to the college. He quickly came and he succeeded in putting out the small electric fire. Then he changed the plug and fixed the tv.

Later, he sat on the sofa and started watching the tv. As it was summer, I thought of giving him some cold drinks.

So I went to the kitchen and brought some snacks and drinks for him. As I bent down to put the things on the table, my sarees pallu slipped down from my shoulder and my bare blouse came in front of him. He stared at my boobs and from that position, some part of the cleavage and half boobs were also easily visible. He was constantly staring at them. Realizing the situation, I quickly covered myself with my pallu. After having the drink, he silently went to his house. But after that, he again behaved like normal.

After that and about a month later, one day Kumar’s mother came and requested us to look after their elder son as they had go to Kolkata for some marriage ceremony and would only return a week later. Kumar had his exams and so he can’t go with them. So my hubby decided to give him our guest room to stay. So he started to live at our place.After a day, my husband also had to leave to Delhi for 5 days in order to attend a seminar.

The second day also went fine. But on the third day, things changed. From the morning itself, after my children went to school, he started to behave wickedly.

While I was busy in the kitchen, he came inside and asked me what I was doing and also rubbed his hand on my ass.I was surprised by his attitude but I stayed quiet and moved from there.

He came behind me again and was moving my hair from my shoulders and started to rub his hand on my back. This irritated me a lot and I rudely asked him, “What the hell are you doing here”. He answered coldly, “Just watching you”. This increased my anger and I warned him about telling his attitude to his parents and I went from there.

So after that, he didn’t try anything and became quiet for the rest of the afternoon. But in the evening, while I went to his room to give some tea, he got hold of my hand and rubbed his hand over my hand and told me, “I have never met such a beautiful lady like you before. You are very sexy”.

By hearing this, I became very angry and gave him a tight slap and told him to forget about me. I then quickly came out of his room.

So due to this incident, I didn’t call him for dinner and after finishing our dinner, I sent my children to sleep. Then I went to my bedroom and his words and attitude were coming to my mind. I somehow felt sorry for not giving him the dinner.