My Friend Made Me A Stripper

My Friend Made Me A Stripper.jpgHello, boys and girls. I am Neha and I am back with another event. I am getting showered by your love and emails every day.

I am really happy to read your emails but it is really my bad luck that I am not able to reply to each and every one of you. I will try my best to find some time to reply your emails. So don’t worry and please no hard feelings guys.

Anyway, for the first time Desi Tales readers, I am Neha and I am from Indore. I am a big fan of Desi Tales and I use to read lots of stories and encounters from this site.

I work as a Marketing Head in an MNC and previously I did my Masters in the UK. As requested by Raju (My fan) I am about to narrate an event happened in my office.

This incident took place a few months ago.

One of my office colleagues was getting married. His name was Chetan. He is from Jaipur. He was a good friend. It was an arranged marriage. He just got his promotion.

We were asking him for a party as usual. He arranged for a big party in a star hotel.

He even invited his fiancee to the party. We all had food and we were teasing him and his fiance. I was wearing a sari for the party.

Unusually I was fully covered in a party. Due to this, most of the guys were disappointed.

After the party, everyone was leaving. Chetan and his close friends made sure that every girl left and reached their home safe.

It was very late night and I was waiting for an auto or a cab. Chetan’s friend Himanshu came to me and asked me if I am okay. I told him that I would manage.

Chetan insisted his friends to drop me home. Himanshu volunteered and gave me a lift in his car.

Me: It’s okay. I could have managed.
H: No. The roads are dangerous and I don’t have any other important work.
Me: So sweet.

He dropped me home and I invited him to my home. He was hesitating at first and later he came in.

Me: Are you in a hurry? You told me that you don’t have any other work.
H: Yes… but…
Me: Oh, now I get it. Are you guys planning a bachelor’s party?
H: No. the party is tomorrow. (Closes his mouth)
Me: Why? What is wrong in a bachelor’s party? It is fun. Why are you ashamed to tell me about this?
H: (Smiles)

Me: If it is not a bachelor’s party, Is it a drinks party?
H: You are a genius.
Me: Stop flattering. It is a common thing among boys and could be guessed easily. At least have something to eat. I bought some sweets today. Like to have some?
H: (Looks at his watch) Okay. I still have plenty of times.

I went in and bought sweets on a plate and offered him. I also gave him a glass of juice. He thanked me and was having sweets.

Me: Make yourself comfortable. I will be back soon.
H: Where are you going?
Me: Of course to change. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be in a sari?

I went in and changed to my casual outfits. I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and Tumblr shorts. He got stunned looking at me in a Tumblr.

Me: So, what you guys use to do in a bachelor’s party?
H: Same usual.
Me: You have a stripper and drinks. Right?
H: (Smiles)
Me: So you have a stripper in your party. I knew it.
H: What makes you so excited?
Me: I feel happy whenever my guess is right.
H: (Smiles)

Me: Why don’t you invite girls for drinks?
H: Do you drink?
Me: Of course.
H: But we are supposed to have “boys only” party.
Me: What is the difference? What will happen if I join you guys?
H: We might be talking about something else.

Me: Mostly about women. Right? From our office. I don’t mind. Please let me join.
H: Not only about our office women…
Me: I don’t mind even if it is about me or about any woman in this world. I wanted to attend a men’s party.
H: I don’t know. Chetan had to decide.

I called Chetan and talked about this party. He talked to his friends and called me back.

He told me that none had any issue in me joining them and all were on their way to my home with drinks. They came in few minutes and everyone started drinking.

I had Vodka and guys had whiskey. They were talking about ‘patakas’ in our office. I asked them to feel comfortable and they were also taking about me.