My Mom Sunita And Bhaskar Uncle’s Affair

My Mom Sunita And Bhaskar Uncle’s Affair

My Mom Sunita And Bhaskar Uncle’s Affair

This is a story about my mom and me when we were living in Mumbai. My mom Sunita is a 42 year old woman who has curves at all the right places. She is tall for most women which makes her intimidating to some shorter men. Even at her age, she has taken good care of her health and always carried herself well. She mostly wore saris but sometimes she also wore salwar kameez. My mom and myself lived in Mumbai as she was transferred there from Ratnagiri due to her government job. Father had his business in Ratnagiri and it was not possible for him to move to Mumbai as well. We had rented an apartment as her posting was only for 1 year after which the authorities in her company had agreed to transfer her back to Ratnagiri due to family reasons. Dad used to visit us regularly but in monsoon season he only used to visit once a month which also stopped later as he was anticipating her transfer back to be done sooner.

Life in the big city was proving to be a bit difficult for mom as she was not used to the culture. She was somehow managing things. The neighbouring flat was empty and the owner had gives us the key so that when he sends people to check, they can take it from us.
On a Sunday morning, our doorbell rang. I opened the door and was immediately taken back. In front of me was a 6.5 ft tall man with grey beard. He was well built and had a commanding voice. He asked me if mom was home. His voice was so deep and loud that mom also came out from the kitchen to see who was asking for her. As soon as she laid eyes on him, her feet also stopped. He came inside uninvited upon seeing mom and I could see his eyes had already checked out her curves.

He said – ” Hello Ma’am I am Brigadier Bhaskar (retd). The owner told me you have keys for the neighbouring apartment. I am here to check the apartment.”

Mom hurriedly went inside to get the keys. I saw him watch her ass as she walked away and smile. She came back and handed him the keys. Bhaskar thanked her and left. After around 30 mins, the bell rang again and he politely returned to keys to her. That was the first time mom met Bhaskar.

Bhaskar would be in his late 50s but was athletically fit and strong. It was the first time I had seen mom getting intimidated by his masculinity. He decided to keep the flat and moved in with his son who was my age 19. Bhaskar was a widower. He was a charmer and soon I grew fond of him and used to call him Bhaskar uncle. Mom didnt speak much to him.

His son Naveen was gay. He never mentioned it but it seemed so from his appearance. I found it ironic that the son of such a masculine man would be gay but then I thought there is no correlation between both. Naveen can be a man and be gay at the same time. I had asked him about his sexual orientation sometimes but he never openly said anything. He however, told me that his father is very sexually active.

There were more than one occasion when mom and I had seen a prostitute like women entering/ leaving his flat. This always happened when Naveen was out with friends. Mom didnt like all this and complained to the society secretary. The next day he had a black eye. Everybody in the society was scared. I asked Naveen and he told me that his father had gotten angry and punched the secretary when he questioned about his lifestyle. Nobody dared to say anything to him after that. He had become the real secretary of the society and without his approval, nothing could be done.

He also did some good work in the society because he was honest. The entire society got a fresh coat of paint and the security guards were replaced with younger more efficient ones so that burglaries could be stopped. Slowly people also started appreciating him for his work and he became a leader liked by all.

One time, mom and I were coming home from the market when a group of four guys in their 20s started harassing mom. They called her – “oye sexy”, “aati kya”, “mast maal hai re ye to”, “haan bol de meri jaan” Mom didnt say anything and kept walking. Then one guy stopped us and took out 1000 Rs from his pocket and shoved them in mine. I didnt understand anything. The guy said “ye teri maa ke liye hai. Aaj raat ye mera bistar garam karegi to usi ka rent hai” Mom got very angry and slapped him. The other three guys held her back and started feeling her boobs and ass and one guy also started to kiss her. The guy with the wallet said “lagta hai saali ko keemat pasand nahi aayi.” He emptied his wallet and put all the money in my hand forcefully. “Ab to zaroor maan jayegi” and then tried to get his hands on her. Then suddenly I heard a loud dhishum and the guy fell back on the road. It was Bhaskar uncle. Luckily God had sent him to save us that day. He roared “Bhag jao sab warna tum sabki maa chod dunga” All the guys ran away after seeing what he had done to their leader. I was happy and he took mom and me home.