My Mom Sunita And Bhaskar Uncle’s Affair


He consoled her and calmed her down. Mom suddenly started to cry and wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her tightly and was consoling her. Somehow it didnt feel wrong to see mom in uncles strong arms. It felt like she needed him. From that day on, they became very good friends.

The next day I realised I still had the money which the street guy and thrust in my hand. I counted the total amount and it was close to 6000 Rs. I had no idea what to do with the money. I told Naveen about it. I couldnt give it to mom as it would bring back memories from that day and Bhaskar uncle would probably spend it on alcohol. It was worth noticing that he had stopped brining prostitutes in the society.

One day I saw him speak to my mom about sending me to another city for college. He cited reasons that I will get more growth when I live by myself etc but I didnt like it. I spoke to Naveen in the evening about it. He gave me a smile and said that it is happening again. I asked him what is happening again? He said in their previous society, his dad liked a Kashmiri woman who had a younger son. Uncle had convinced her to send him to the same boarding school which Naveen had been to. After which she had gotten lonely and uncle had taken advantage of the situation and had sex with her. I was shocked to hear this!