My Mom Sunita And Bhaskar Uncle’s Affair

Naveen said that his father really likes my mom and now he wants me to go away so that he can enjoy her.

I couldnt sleep the entire night and kept thinking about this. I did not want to go anywhere but it seemed that mom agreed with whatever uncle had said. She would definitely send me away and in order to stop it, there was only one way. I told Naveen that I do not mind any relation which uncle wanted to have with my mom and asked him to tell his father about this. The next time I met uncle, he smiled at me and gave me 500 Rs note saying – “Good decision beta” Mom innocently asked what decision? He said – “kuch nahi Sunita bachcho ki baat hai. Waise maine bahut socha to realise kiya ise yahin rehne do padhai ke liye. Ghar se door jaake ho sakta hai bigad jaye” Mom agreed with him and he winked at me. I understood that the deal was complete. Somehow taking money from him felt like that time when the street guy had given me money. I felt like a pimp, pimping my own mother to other men for sex.

I spoke to Naveen in the evening and told him about what I felt. He smiled and said – “yaar its all normal. I have seen so many married women living with their husbands cheat and sleep with my dad. You mom also needs a man. Don’t judge her. Let her also be happy.” I told him that I dont feel guilty but it feels different. Its like I wanted to see her getting fucked by uncle. Naveen stood up in shock “arey! khud ki maa ki chudai dekhni hai tujhe. Arey maa jab sex karti hai to vo ek aurat ban jaati hai jise hawas ki bhookh hoti hai aur mard ke lund ki chahat. Tu use aise roop me dekhega to galat impression padega.” I told him I didnt care and I wanted to see her getting fucked. Sometime later he agreed. he told me that if he suspects anything at his home, he will call me and I promised him the same if the action was being planned at my home. Both of us were spying on our parents to catch their fuck session.

One night around 1 am my phone rang. It was Naveen! I hurriedly woke up and answered. “Come quick, dont make noise and lock the door once you are inside” I checked my flat and mom was not there. I got a boner that very second. I tip toed to his flat. I locked the door as instructed and went in. Naveen was peeping through the keyhole of his fathers bedroom. He saw me and positioned me to kneel and see. What I saw, blew my mind.

Mom and uncle were kissing passionately. Mom was on fire. She was kissing him everywhere. Uncle was fondling her boobs and ass. Soon clothes came off and both were nude. Uncle stood on the bed and Mom understood the command given to her by her master. Like an obedient soldier, she jumped on the bed, went on her knees and started sucking his huge cock. Naveen pushed me aside to watch the action. I could hear uncle’s moans coming from the bedroom. Naveen had taken out his cock and was masteurbating. He saw me and whispered “tu bhi nikal le. Maza aa raha hai yaar” I too took out my dick and started playing with it.

After sometime, i pulled him to the side and started watching the show. Mom had finished giving him a blowjob and now uncle was lost between her thighs licking her choot. She was moaning in pleasure and was in full heat. She orgasmed once right in front of my eyes. It was a heavenly sight to see. Then uncle climbed on top of her and started having sex in missionary position. Mom and him both started moaning. I heard him say – ” ahhh mast raseeli choot hai teri aahhh mazaa aa gaya darling” To which mom said – ” yes darling ye choot ye jism sab tumhara hai. Chodo mujhe, please fuck me hard, fuck me like a slut” I was amazed to hear mom talk like this. Naveen was right – a woman in heat was a different person altogether. Suddenly, I got another shock! Both my hands were on the door and I felt someones hand playing with my dick!

I looked sideways at naveen and realized he had removed all his clothes and was giving me a handjob. He said “it s ok yaar tu enjoy kar” and I went back to see the action. They had changed position and mom was now being pumped doggy style. It is said that doggy style gives maximum penetration and that was the reason mom was yelling … literally yelling with pleasure. Uncle thought her yells might wake up Naveen. He smaked her ass and stuffed her panty in her mouth. This made mom more horny and she started to swing her hips and fuck herself with uncles pole and he was simply kneeling on the bed.