My Mother Has Sex With Driver

My Mother Has Sex With Driver – Incest Sex Stories


Hello there everyone, this is Vijay here. I wanted to share about how my mom got attracted to my driver and spent a whole night with him. SO Let’s get started this thing happened when I was in my 8th Standard and when my body started to enter its adolescence stage. To begin with, I am a single child to my parents and my father was an employee and after 10 years of service in an MNC. He got promoted and so for which he had been shifted to Hyderabad. New place new environment and new responsibilities for which my dad started to come late and on Sunday too he used to go to the office for two hours then used to eat and sleep. Because of which my mom used to quarrel or started arguing a lot in front of me. At that time I didn’t realize but I know I understand it is because of sexual depreciation.

I forgot to mention about mom, My mom herself is a huge asset 34-20-36 perfect figure, huge ass, and playful boobs. A Geometry any man could ask for after my birth being a single child my mother worked really hard to maintain back to her shape and being white and beautiful no one resist her. Coming back to the story, because we were entirely new to the city and to the state company people appointed Muslim driver his name was Abdul Ali, to us so that he can comfortably speak in Hindi and Telugu language for the local help. As my father isn’t around to help. It was summer holidays during that time so I was free all the time and I remember the day we saw him, He had a good body structure and was single. I also remember and me and my mother entered the car and he was always noticing my mother by adjusting the back mirror and I was sitting exactly back of him so I got a peek of what she was seeing my mother’s cleavage visible through the back mirror. After the entire day, we returned home and rested. So after few days mom and driver became good friends and slowly mom started allowing him inside the house as there were no one in the locality who can speak Hindi. So my mom and driver starting talking and conversing while I was I was busy in my computer games.

But things started to take drastic turns while my school started, no one was there in the home and my mom had no friends around to handle them so I got some info while I used to ask my mom that what she did today that he started to talk something dirty and that too it slipped accidentally out of my mom words and from the words of driver it was evident that she started trusting him a lot by speaking homely issues about how my dad was unable to have sex with him through the words of driver how was speaking to his friend in Telugu I was able to understand as my friends in school though me some basic Telugu for living around. So this thing carried around for few days and all the real drama began when we went to buy some things in a mall and there was a traffic jam so in order to entertain us he gave a photo album and started to describe his family so then I got to know that he is single.

Then in a photo he showcased that he was regional bodybuilding winner too but due to low funding from his house was unable to go for national selection and so in order to support his family opted for driver job which explains about his body firmness and in that photo he was seen only in underwear and medals around him after he won, In that photo my mother noticed how fat and long dick he had by seeing the curvature of his dick over the photo I slightly understood it because my body was noticing the entire body and pic for a long time.

But it was just the beginning the real event happened when My mom went for shopping and these girls take a lot of time when they go for shopping. I was so exhausted so went to my room to sleep and changed dress before sleeping I wanted to have some water so I went to fill my bottle my mother was showcasing some dresses she purchased to him. So maybe she wanted to try them out again in home and wanted some advice regarding to it has no one was around she requested him to which he would have said yes and changed to one of them and I was seeing the entire thing from the top corner of the floor and exactly diagonal to me they were there. After some time my mom changed and wore a transparent gown and sexy lingerie underneath I was totally blank didn’t expect such a move from mom. From there I was able to understand that Ali dick has arisen and in a fit of sexuality he went near my mom and kissed her. I was speechless, my mom resisted after enjoying it for few secs and said that she wore this only to make you feel jealous but doesn’t have any feelings of that sort. Ali resisted took my mom’s hands and made him feel who big his cock is by touching it externally my mom explored it and removed her hand and later Ali went near and said as your husband doesn’t satisfy you let me satisfy you. For which she shouted at him and said Vijay is sleeping so just get out of my house. Which he left slightly, then I ran into my room and acted sleeping and as expected my mom checked on me and left.