My Mother Has Sex With Driver

Well, I was confused at first but believed everything was over. Only to realize that was a simple intro to an ultimatum, My grandmother (mother’s mother) was serious and so I had to rush after school and my father wasn’t able to come has he had to be at a meeting and said that he would come later. But we didn’t get any tickets to Nagpur so we decided to leave by car and dad appointed Ali to take her to Nagpur 7 hours journey the entire 4hours journey was normal they both didn’t interact a lot and I felt everything was normal. But slowly Ali felt asleep while driving and we just missed a collision with a truck. Afraid of some incident happening again my mom said we will halt for today in some hotel and leave tomorrow. My mom booked two rooms one for me and mom and other for the driver. Both were opposite rooms and were on the ground floor. So after dinner, we slept but I mom was moving a lot on the bed I slowly opened my eyes to see my mom in that same transparent robe and sexy lingerie inside of it that he showed to him.

I got confused about what to do she slowly approached towards me tried to wake me a bit he acted of sleeping. I didn’t know what to do because my mom locked the door and went I wanted to know what the hell is gonna happen so I called the management for opening the door and for an extra key. The service boy came and opened the door and handed the extra key. To my amaze, the mom didn’t come to that room inorder to check me out. I locked the door and went outside and landed in the outside garden where the window of my driver’s room is open and I slowly removed the curtain and got stunned for a second. My mom was sitting on the lap of the driver and was kissing him like hell on the lips. She broke the kiss and said I was waiting for this moment from the time I saw your body from the pic and when I touched your dick and removed his pajama and underwear his dick shot to my mom’s face and holy lord it was huge like 6 inches or so and thick. My mom started giving blowjob and was able to take that monstrous cock inside her mouth and driver shouted “Ah!! Maaza aa rha h” (oh!! I am enjoying it a lot).

Then my mom spat on the cock for lubrication and started blowjobing it, it was so disgusting that I refused to view further only to notice that I got an erection for the first time in my life seeing my mom fuck some other men. Because I didn’t know about the stroking it right then I felt the boner unattended. Went on to see what would happen next, after few hand and mouth strokes some white fluid released (semen) and my mom drank all of it. It felt weird at first and then driver made my mom stand and at first pressed my mom tits and started kissing her neck area and enjoyed her kissed her lips, neck, forehead, stomach and tits and after all the foreplay he removed my mom’s gown and my mom was felt alone with a bra and panty. Then he removed her bra and started caring her boobs kissed them and made a love bit over there and I was enjoying it. I don’t why I enjoyed it!!, I was sipping the nipple area and went down and removed her panty and licked her pussy which made mom unstable and started to tremble so he made her lay on the bed and started kissing pussy and tonguing the inner of her pussy.

Then they landed in 69 position where my mom was enjoying his cock and him in return was enjoying her pussy. Then my mom said, “Don’t tease me further Ali just insert the junior and take me to heaven”. Obeying the words and inserted that thick thing inside, her pussy was so tight that I it took something and screams inorder to make it’s way inside. My mom was screaming all the time in lower tone so that I don’t wake up and finally after that 6 inches went inside, she started loving it in missionary position and started kissing him and then they changed into doggy style but I believe he was just restricting his semen from flowing as he wanted to enjoy more. As mothers knees started to ache she advised for cowgirl’s style and after my mom sitting in her lap. She asked, “This can’t be your first time because you’re doing well in satisfying I thought I might have to teach you things, but your already a graduate of this”. To which he replied “I already had sex before with my GF – Mumtaz, where we used to have fun while I was just a kid she was fan of my body and his father rejected giving his hand to me because I was a driver, but even after marriage we had sex several times but couldn’t after she shifted to Vijayawada”

My mom “Poor Baby!! Come and kiss mommy” he kissed her passionately and dedicated for a longer time and then he kept his face inside her cleavage and shacked his head and later replied that I am cumming go down and tit fuck so that I can release. After some tit fucking, he released “My mom said that she hasn’t cummed so make me cum then we can sleep” So after some fast strokes my mother came and they both laid down. Both we were laying down nude and after some time Ali was rubbing my mother’s cunt and my mother was shaking his cock. Ali whispered, “One more time!” for which my mom said “No today honey I am exhausted after these many months without sex and we have to leave tomorrow too” and gave him a kiss. Ali said, “ok What about Vijay wanna check on him”. My mom said, “Don’t worry he is in sound sleep won’t wake until tomorrow morning I know how difficulty I wake him up for school”. She added, “I will to my room tomorrow morning 6 am and we will leave at 7 am so we can reach my home fast”. Ali said, “I wanna have one more session” and so for which my mom did one thing she turned facing towards Ali took his cock and just slid it into her pussy she gave a little morn and said how is it. Ali said “It might work” and she added saying that if wanna stroke it putting her one leg above Ali’s legs you can stroke anytime you want without waking me up. So both of them slept nude on a bed where Ali’s dick was inside of my mom pussy. Then I went to my room said him to lock from outside and gave him the extra key and decided to wake up at 5 am to see what would happen.

As per the plan, I woke at 5:15 am and did the same thing to escape from the room and handed him 500rs in order to come and close anytime I want and not to disclose this info to anyone. Went there to their window to find Ali was stroking inside my mom and she was saying to move so that she can take some shower and leave to her room. Ali said, “Let’s have a shower together in my room”. After releasing they both came together again dick inside her and he lifted her and took her bathroom. I heard some screams. Rest is your imagination to know what happened inside they came out Ali started cleaning her up with towel and imp areas with mouth and then my mom said: “We will have these sessions in house and hotel in Nagpur too”. My mom gave a kiss and starting wearing her dress I understood and ran to my room and locked it later my mom came and woke me up and asked how well did u sleep? “How well did u sleep mom” (inside myself) I said “Fine” and just said, “We will depart soon so get ready”.

We left off in the rest 3 hours journey they didn’t see each other has if they don’t know about each other. After few days we returned to HYD and I didn’t know how many times they did it in Nagpur. But one day my classes got over quickly because principal wanted a meeting with all the teachers so we were left quick I came in my friends car and seen that driver was in my house as car was outside and then my mind was blown to see that Driver and his friend was taking a stroking my mom one from front and other from back. Seriously, I didn’t like it left to my friend’s house to play and to change my mind.

So this was it , we lived in Hyderabad for 5 years and those were the best years for mom and me as I had good friends and there were no quarrels in the house as mom’s sexual deprivation was removed by the everyday encounter of the driver and his friend. See you Later, if you like it comments or like it above!!