My Slutty Aunty

I am Albi. I am from Hyderabad. I am an avid reader of sex stories. Loved each one of them. It was my long wish to fuck someone. This story is about how I fucked my hot divorced aunt.

Her name is Megha. She got divorced 3 years ago. No kids. Her stats are 36 c, saggy soft and plump breasts with a 38 ass. She is a hot milf. She stays at our home after the divorce. I am 18. Ever since I was introduced to porn, I have been fantasizing about fucking her and making her my slut. I could never approach her easily. Her room is on the top floor of the house near mine.

Her room’s attached bathroom has a window leading to my bedroom’s balcony.I used to watch her bath and jerking off seeing that hot body. She used to rub her pussy, while cleaning, sometimes even masturbates moaning the names of some strangers. I knew she was a slut.

Then in the last month, we both were alone at the house when as my mom’s dad had died. My parents left to the place. I had coaching class and so I didn’t go. My aunt stayed back with me as she didn’t get leave.

We were alone for 2 days. Everything went as normal. Then it was a weekend since we both were free, we discussed an idea of going for a movie. I booked the tickets online and selected seats near to the corner.

hen we went for the movie on Saturday. As the movie started, the theater didn’t have much of audience. Then my aunt saw a couple sitting before us.

The man was removing his zip and taking out his rod-like-cock and the hot girl was sucking it. I noticed some changes in my aunt, as she was biting her lips.

She looked at me and I acted like I was watching the movie. Her hands were moving onto her pelvic region. However, my dick was getting hard and poking out of my pant.

The girl started giving him a beautiful blowjob, firstly stroking his cock, licking its forehead and later moving on to sucking the cock. She took it all in her mouth. My aunt was feeling her navel and her face and biting her fingers. I knew she was getting hot.

Then there was a comedy scene in the movie and I laughed. I moved my hands onto her lap, and my aunt didn’t react. The girl was sucking him quick and he came within a few minutes in her mouth.

He then put his hand around her and pulled her close. My aunt put her hand over my hand, pressing it hard and moving it up. I acted like nothing was happening.

The guy later put his other hand in the girl’s pants and was fingering her. The girl was gasping for her breath and moans were coming out, “Aaaaaaa….. Mmmmmm”

My aunt’s body was trembling. I was sure she was getting quite hot.

I slowly pressed her soft thighs. She pulled her hand closer to her pussy. I continued to press her thighs. That guy kept on fingering her and she came with a sweet moan, “Aaaaaaaa…” the guy kissed her to control the moan.

I put my hand around my aunt to make her feel comfortable. She was wearing a blue saree.I slowly touched her breasts, feeling the softness of those globes.

I moved on and was pinching them. She noticed what I was doing and put her hand on my lap.

Soon I moved my left hand on to her skirt, tickling her stomach. Later my hand was moving inside her skirt. But lights came on. It was the interval. But we both didn’t want to stop. We went to the house.

Our house was near. As soon as I unlocked and got in, I pulled her in slammed the door. I pushed her onto the sofa, kissing her passionately. Our tongues rolled around each other. I pressed her navel, she broke off the kiss to moan, “Aaaaaa”

I started licking her face, then her neck, moving down pulling her pallu away. I saw her tight blouse and I pressed her breasts slightly.She was kissing my neck and pulling her close. She was rubbing my back.

I removed her blouse and her melons fell out in her bra.

I slowly took both of them out from her bra, started pressing them and feeling their softness. Then I was kissing them slowly from her cleavage to the nipples. I put one of them in my mouth sucking the nipple hard, swirling my tongue around it as she continued to moan, “Aaaaaa…. Mmmmm…. Aaaaaaa”

I pressed her other boob very hard, pinching it and pulling it. She moaned in pain, “Aaaaaaaaa”. It was very loud. But I didn’t care, I continued to suck her nipples and felt those melons and was biting it. Her moans became louder and she was gasping for breaths.