Satisfying Mom For Sex

Satisfying Mom For Sex

Satisfying Mom For SexWe lost our father when I and by younger brother were teens. After a month, not able to bear loneliness, mom asked both of us to sleep in her room at night and we agreed. We share her bed, on her insistence. Ramesh (my younger brother) and I used to sleep on each side of mom.

One day, Ramesh told me that mom is ill and something is hurting her. I asked him how did he know and that I did not notice that. He informed that the last night when he got up in middle of the night to have water, he heard mom groaning and doing something in the middle of her legs.

He also told that she was pressing her breasts and that her face was strained. I decided to find out. That night, I went to sleep at the usual time but got up at around 11.00 pm to find out what mom was suffering from.

What Ramesh told was true. Mom was surely in agony. Her one hand was inserted in her pajamas and one hand was pressing her own breasts. She was groaning all the time. I decided to ask her the next day.

Next day night, before sleeping, I asked mom, ‘Mom, are you alright? I feel you are ill and you are unable to bear the pain.’

Mom replied, ‘No, Rajesh. I am perfectly alright. Why do you feel I am ill?’ I said, ‘Mom, last night when I got up to drink water, you were massaging your legs and chest. You were groaning all the time. Let us go to the doctor tomorrow and get this settled.’

Mom said, ‘No. I don’t need a doctor. I am suffering from something which I cannot tell you. You are too immature to handle such things. Now go to sleep’.

Ramesh intervened and said, ‘Mom, we love you too much. We know your feelings after dad passed away. We can’t see you suffering. We want you to be happy. After all, you are only for us. So please tell us what is your illness’.

Mom released a huge sigh and said, ‘Ok. I will try to explain. I am only 35 years old and I have needs which may not be emotional. One has to bear the loss of loved one.

With prayers, filling up the time doing tireless work, I can keep my mind occupied. But during night, when there is nothing to do, my mind wanders. My physical needs crop up and then I suffer. Do you understand?’ We both replied, ‘No. If you have pain or something, we can press your legs, hands, back, etc. Do you want us to do this?’

Mom once again sighed and said, ‘You are already teens. I can be a bit frank with you. See, my physical need is sex.Your dad and me used to enjoy sex to a very great extent and practically 4 times a week. Suddenly he is gone.

When such feeling comes, I become weary. But I have to bear this. You don’t bother yourself. This spell will also pass’. I thought for a minute and said, ‘Mom, why don’t you get re-married? At least I will not object.’ Ramesh nodded in agreement.

Mom said, ‘No. darlings. That I cannot do at any cost. I will never think of another man other than your dad.’ Now Ramesh asked her, ‘But mom, we don’t want you to be unhappy under any circumstances. You tell us what we should do. Shall we talk to you every night so that your mind remains occupied and such thoughts don’t disturb you?’

Mom said, ‘How long am I going to remain awake whole night? That will have an adverse effect on my health. The only remedy is to satisfy this need of my body.’ What mom replied was correct. There was nothing for us to speak.Mom was thinking for a long time.

Then, as if making up her mind, she asked, ‘I have one remedy for my problem. You are now old enough, though not matured enough. Instead of going to a third person, I would prefer you to be my bed partners.’ We both were aghast at her reply. I asked, ‘Mom, will this not be a sin. You are after all our mother.’

Mom replied confidently, ‘If I am willing, without force, that will not be a sin. In fact, this will remain within us and all can be happy. Fortunately, your dad has left enough for three of us. So money should not be a problem’.

I wanted to avoid this at any cost. So I gave a try. I said, ‘Mom, but we do not have any experience in these matters.How can we satisfy your needs?’ Mom smiled and said, ‘You have to gain experience by acting. Not reading. I will teach you.’