Sex Journey With My Facebook Friend

Sex Journey With My Facebook FriendHi, this is Faizee (nickname) here from Kerala doing MBA 1st year in Bangalore and staying near to KR Puram. I’m a cricket player so I use to maintain my fitness. And my cock is not a 8 or 10 inches monster but my cock is good enough to satisfy any woman.

The story starts 3 years before and her name was Pooja (name changed). I met her through Facebook and we soon become good friends. She looks like a beauty queen, like the Tamil actress Anushka Shetty.

Once she came to KR Puram with her car to pick me.

While going to her home, she stopped the car in between and took out her scarf and tied it around my eyes so that I couldn’t see anything. I tried to know her intention of tieing the scarf, but she asked me to be quiet. She removed the scarf after reaching her place. To my surprise, there was no one in that home except us. The house was big and I was curious about what will happen next. She asked me to wait in the hall, while she’ll have a bath.

I was looking around the whole house and suddenly she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. The water drops from her hair were falling on her cheeks and lips. I was spellbound for a minute seeing her like that.

She came closer to me and kept her hand on my mouth. Then she asked me in a naughty way, “wanna have some fun?”

In that exotic moment, I wasn’t able to control myself and I smooched her shivering lips straight away.

That smooched lasted for almost 5 minutes and then we separated. She said she wanted to check some mail and she asked me to wait there. Even though I had already lost my patience, she somehow convinced me to wait. She changed her dress in front of me. She wore a t-shirt and skirt.

Then she started checking her email, but I wasn’t able to control myself. She was sitting in a chair and I stood behind her.

I hugged her from behind, licked her neck and bit her ears. She started to breathe heavily.

She slowly stood up from the chair and while I licked all over her neck and cheeks. Then I played with her boobs from behind. I pressed her boobs hard and massaged them.

She was about to start moaning but I turned her towards me and started kissing her passionately. First, I sucked her lower lip and then she took my lower lip into her mouth.We were really enjoying it and while kissing her, I rubbed my hand behind, on her ass.

Then I took her in my hands and laid her down on the bed. At that time I was able to see the burning desire for sex in her eyes. She asked me to come to her.

I lied over her body and kissed her lips once again. Then I kissed on her forehead, cheeks and I licked all over her neck again.

I took off her t-shirt and as she wasn’t wearing any bra, I started kissing on her boobs madly. I licked her boobs and slowly sucked them one by one.

This time she started moaning. I took her one boob in my mouth and the other one in my hand. I was sucking and biting the one which was in my mouth. And the other one was getting a good massage treatment with my hand.

Then I asked her to take off all my clothes. She did so and I was nude. Then I placed my cock in between her boobs and pressed my cock with her 2 boobs. I took some honey and poured it on her boobs and navel, and then I sucked her the honey from her body.

I removed her skirt and kissed on her legs and licked all over her legs. And then I licked around her pussy.

I removed her panty which was fully wet. I licked her pussy and her cum was coming out from her pussy.I kissed her pussy lips and slowly inserted my finger into it.

I started moving my finger inside her love hole and she responded by making loud moans. Then I inserted 2 fingers, but it was very tight.Again the liquid from her pussy was coming out. After few mins, I inserted my tongue into her pussy and started playing with it. She pressed my head hard. I played with her pussy for a long time.

Then I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and started licking them with the tip of my tongue. I poured the honey inside her pussy as well to lick and dug my tongue deep inside her pussy. I sucked her pussy lips for a long time and she came twice. I slowly started biting her pussy and meanwhile, I pressed her boobs with both hands and she started saying, “please Faizee I can’t wait anymore fuck me, please”