Sex With Mom’s Friend And Neighbour Aunt, Radha

Sex With Mom’s Friend And Neighbour Aunt, Radha

Sex With Mom’s Friend And Neighbour Aunt, RadhaThis story begins when I was 20 years old and was studying for my degree. I was quite shy and very introvert person that time. In those times, I usually had plenty of time to spare as I was not regular in the college. Usually, I spend most of my time at my home watching tv or playing games.

We had plenty of people, family friends visiting our place as my family was quite friendly.

One day I was sitting in my home on an afternoon watching tv. Since my mom had gone out, I was all alone at home and was surfing on the tv to watch some hot stuff. Suddenly I heard my door bell ringing. So I went to open the door.At the door, there was this lady Radha who was my mom’s friend. I know her very well and I usually call her ‘Radha aunty’. She was a middle-aged lady in her 35 with a fat body.

After opening the door, she came in asking for my mom. But then I told her that mom had gone out and will take time to come back. She sometimes sits there to watch the tv as we had a cable connection and she doesn’t have.Probably she didn’t haves anything else to pass time and so she told me that she will wait for my mom to come.I said, ok, even though deep in my heart, I was cursing her as she was spoiling my dreams to watch some steamy stuff on the tv.

Now as I didn’t have any other option, I switched on the tv and we both started watching. While the movie was playing, she was inquiring about my studies.

We had a sofa and a bed in the room where the tv was kept. Radha aunty was sitting on the bed whereas I was sitting on the sofa. After some time I felt sleepy and tried to lay down on the sofa. As Radha aunty noticed this, she asked me to come to the bed and lay on there. She also told me I can keep my head on her lap.

Initially, I denied but later I agreed. As I was lying on the bed, I was trying to sleep but couldn’t sleep as I could feel the warmth of her lap. So I opted to watch the tv.

As she saw me watching the tv, I felt shy and tried to get up from her lap. But she didn’t allow and asked me to lie over there and watch. As we both were watching the tv, some hot scene came in the movie. As I was already on her lap, my dick started growing inside my pants.

She noticed my inconvenience but she ignored it. But after some time, she also became a bit horny and I caught her staring at my dick twice or thrice.

Then she bent a bit pretending to ask me what happened. While she was bending, her big boobs came near to my face. Radha aunty was full horny now and was pretending to ask me something. She bent and was now rubbing her breasts on my face. Then slowly she kept her hand on my stomach.

After some time, she moved her hand towards my hardened dick and touched it. But she pretended that she did it accidentally. She innocently inquired me about the bulge which was showing off from my pants. As I was shy, she confronted me and said it is okay and kissed on my forehead.

I was bit relieved after that as I was very afraid that she might tell this to my mom. I told her not to tell this to my mom. She agreed and then touched on my hardened dick again. She said it has got quite big.

Then she said she wanted to see it and started to lower my pants. I was afraid and resisted a bit, but then she told me that she won’t tell it to my mom.

As I was also feeling good by her touch, I allowed her. Within no time, Radha aunty unzipped and lowered my pants and took my shaft out.

Radha aunty then slowly started rubbing it with her hand and I was moaning out in pleasure. Then Radha aunty asked me whether I was enjoying? I said, yess and then she told me to stand up if wanted to enjoy more. So I obliged.As I stood up before her, she took my 6 inches shaft near to her face and started staring at it and breathing heavily.

By this time, my dick was getting more hard. I couldn’t control my feelings for long and so I pressed her head on my dick.

Then she stared at me and gave me a wicked smile.