Sexy Days Of My Life – Part 1

Sexy Days Of My Life – Part 1

Sexy Days Of My Life – Part 1Hello, this is Rohit. I am new to this website but I am a regular reader of this website and sex stories. If I make any grammatic mistakes, please forgive me.

By reading many real stories from this site, I also got little bold to share my real life sex stories with you guys. Please give your comments if you like what happens in my life.

This happened when I was studying in 11th standard. It was my first sex that too with my senior.

So there was this very pretty good looking girl with fine assets and almost all guys were crazy about her and always thought of fucking her. Her name was Sneha. One fine day, I came to the school a little early and that time, the van driver called me for helping him to pick up students.

So I went with him. Many small children got into the van first and last row was empty. It was reserved for 12th standard students. Only 4 people could sit in that last row.

The driver stopped in front of a house and pressed the horn. There she came, Sneha. She had bathed recently as her hair was wet. She requested us to wait for 5 minutes. So we waited and then she came. She was gorgeous in the white dress and her boobs were looked heavenly. She forgot to put the top two buttons of her top in the hurry.

She got inside the van and while getting inside, her boobs brushed my hands as I was holding open the door of the van for her. Then she sat on the last row since all other seats were already filled by other students. I was standing and so she called me and said, “Rohit, you have little space here next to me and you can sit here” (I didn’t know she knew my name).

I said, “No thanks I don’t mind standing”. It would take nearly one hour to reach our school and I was standing for 15 mins and then I wasn’t able to stand further and also because of seeing her boobs in between my dick got fully erect.She noticed that I was tensed and she called me again. She asked me to come and sit next to her as it will take 45 mins more to reach the school.

I got a little courage and went and sat next to her. Since there wasn’t much space, my shoulder was brushing the side of her boobs. But she didn’t say anything or she didn’t even try to move away. So I got some more courage and asked her, “Can you give me your bag so that I can keep it on my lap”. She asked me why. I told her I am not comfortable and that’s why. She smiled and said, “You got into the mood ah da?”. I asked, “How do you know that?”. She replied, “I noticed the bulge in your pants”

I was a little shy and asked her again, “Can you please give the bag?”

Then she gave the bag and while she keeping the bag on my lap her soft hand touched my penis over the pants which was erected again on her soft touch. She smiled and said, “It is so hot and hard da. Can I keep my hand over it”

I was really surprised and said, “Are you mad?! You ae my senior and how can you say like this and that too in the school van”. She said, “Nothing is wrong until and unless we get caught. If you’re interested, I can give you a nice massage and if not, keep the bag and sit idle”. I said, “No need”.

We reached the school and all went to their respective classes. During the lunch break, she came to our class and said to me, “You are really a small boy and you don’t know how to react when you have an opportunity. Soon you will learn it”. She went to her class after saying that.

Again in the evening, we had to drop all the students and so the van started. The driver knew me well and so he said, “I will drop you near your home but don’t say to the principal”. I told, “Anna, we dropped almost everybody except Sneha”.

The driver stopped the van at a remote place and asked me, “Rohit, can you stay outside for ten mins and see whether anybody is coming”. I asked, “Why anna?”. He said, “Go da”. Sneha was smiling

I finally agree and came outside the van and watched the road to know if anybody was coming. It was more than ten mins and when I looked inside the van, the driver was giving a lip to lip kiss to Sneha. One of his hands was under Sneha’s skirt and other pressing her boobs. I was fully horny seeing this.