Spending Some Memorable Time With Girlfriend

Spending Some Memorable Time With GirlfriendHi indian sex stories readers, after a long gap I am sharing my experience with my girlfriend at Chennai for a single awesome day.

Introductions are not necessary here, every committed guy and girl have their own problem and it’s hard to spare time for each other to meet . Once it spared no one can stop it to become wilder.

We hardly planned to meet after 8 months in my friend flat by the weekend..he gave me the keys and went to his native for weekend vacations. I made all the arrangements were ready before her arrival.

I am so excited for this day I have been waited for around one year. She called me and said the picking point. I reached the spot, she came after 5 mins with a smile and asked about my doings. I received her from tiruvanmiyur station to my room. It’s already around 8 p.m.

We just sneaked inside of the room and I become happy that my dream is again happening.

She refreshed herself in the meantime I prepared and offered a coffee. My last story itself I explained about her. This time she lost her weight little. My black will be the cutest girl for me than any other girls. We just had a chat about our office and colleagues. She told that she wants to bath, I placed my towel and soap in the bathroom and she went to take bath.

I was just wondering the way how to get started and she just gave me a chance to start in a dramatical way. The bathroom has a very small ventilation and in the night time, there is no possible of any moonlight enter into it if there is no light. I know how much time she bath and how she bath. I switched on the bedroom light and slowly switched off the bathroom light also. Immediately she opened the door and I can see that her face slide out from the window and calling me. I just responded casually and gave a torch. I touched her hands, I could feel the fragrance of soap and she didn’t complete her bath. This time I need to show up my power and I pushed the door suddenly and I went inside. I know she is naked, and she has applied soap all over her body.

She immediately covered her body with a towel, she is short in height and the towel covers up to her lap from chest. Now I pushed her to my side and said how is my plan to catch you. She smiled and said I know you are a culprit. She said to go out and I will complete my bath and come then all is yours. I denied and said I will complete your bath, and I hugged her from the backside . I bend my head and whispered to her that I will take the responsibility of your bath you don’t worry. I wiped out the soap over her shoulder and chest. I was touching her towel she declined. Then I turned the shower on, I also become wet. I hugged more tightly from her back and placed my hands over her stomach. She also becomes hot and placed her hand over my hands. I placed my first kiss of the day over her shoulder and ear lobes. I keep kissing on both sides of her ear lobes and shoulder, she turned on and she tried to make a face to face contact.

I keep holding her back slowly rubbed her stomach and navel. I just moved my right hand inside of her towel and touched her navel. She started to hold my face trying to make a face contact with me. I could feel that every part of her body is visible in a dark place and just screened by a transparent towel.I placed both of my hands over her waist and her waist below portion is completely open now. My dick is pushing her ass and my hands are playing over her hips and waist. I touched her slope area it’s fully covered by hairs she didn’t trim it. Now she turned me hard and caught my lips.

We lip locked each other about 5 minutes and she kissed all over my nose and eyes and over my chest. My hands now started to play over her ass and I pushed up for a comfortable placement. She suddenly left me came out tactically. She locked the door outside and opened once she got to dress up. She said everything you want in the bathroom itself you maniac. I smiled and thought boys can handle any place anytime. We had a dinner and started to watch t.v, we are in no hurry but the intentions are to hurry up. It’s around 10 o clock I said lets we sleep and asked are you really going to sleep, I replied if you want me to sleep I will sleep. She smiled and said your wish. What is your wish,? I asked, she opened her both hands towards me and said this is my wish, and hugged me. I know girls are having more desire than guys but it will take the time to came out. She hugged me and kissed over my Chins.