Awesome Experience As A Nudist – Part 1

Awesome Experience As A Nudist – Part 1Hello, sexy boys and girls. I am Neha and I am back with one of my exciting and thrilling experiences which I was dying to share with you guys.

Once again, thanks for the support you guys has been sharing with me and I read your feedbacks. Hope you will get to read a better way of narration from this story.

For the freshers, I am Neha and I am from Indore. I work as a Marketing Head in an MNC and I live in Mumbai. I am 28 years old (As many guys have been asking me) and currently, I am with my boyfriend.

As I have mentioned earlier, I did my masters in the UK and had many special encounters which I have never ever dreamed of in my entire life. I am about to narrate one such incident.

I have finished my course and applied for the Post Study Work permission from the UK government then and I got the approval.

According to this Visa, I can work full time for two years in the UK. I was working in a company and I had several experiences on my holidays.

One of my friends at my office loves to travel a lot. Her name was Sweena Terry. She is British and she is 6 foot tall.She had a nice body like me and worked as a receptionist.

Whenever we applied for a holiday, we do it together and we travel to places together.

She had a boyfriend and we travel with our boyfriend but sometimes we would like to have a girl’s trip. This is just because we needed to explore a bit extra which would not have been possible if the boys were with us.

Once, Sweena and I applied for a week holiday and were planning to visit a few countries in Europe.

I expressed my desire to experience the life of a naturist. She felt shy at first but she had the same desire and wanted to share this secret lifestyle with someone.

Since she could trust me on this, she agreed and planned a four days trip to Croatia.Croatia is a country where naturist comes very often and they are the first country to have separate clubs for these people.

Naturists are the people who are also called as the nudist. They stay nude in their club and do everything naked. This an art of lifestyle and the experience would be awesome only if people have experienced it. Wearing any clothes in their club is being rude. So, you have to accept this lifestyle if you want to explore their way of living. I hate people judging about naturist. This is a natural way of living and I strongly recommend people to try it once.

So, we went to Croatia and got settled in our hotel room. We purposely booked this hotel as lots of naturist tourists used to book that particular hotel. We took rest and got ready for the club party.

We both went nude and I was amazed to see Sweena nude. That was the first time I saw her naked and she really had a good and sexy body. I complimented her and she returned my compliments as I had a sexy body too.

We went to the reception to enquire about the club. I was feeling very shy and the situation seemed very awkward to me as I was nude and talking to the male receptionist who was fully clothed.

He just smiled and answered us without any lust or any other wicked feeling. I thought to myself that he would have been tired of seeing naked women in his life and so that would never turn him on.

We went to the club and we interacted with many people there. There was even family and every member was nude.Sweena and I were sitting on a chair and were talking to a tourist there who use to visit the place very often.

There were lots of hippies and were in a pool.

We joined them and had a good time with them.

Slowly, I started to feel comfortable. I saw a group of guys talking in a place and we joined them after spending some quality time in the pool. It was really awesome to see these guys as they had beautiful and gorgeous cocks. They were skinned and were pinkish. They had a good body and nice abs. I was immediately turned on.

Once, we joined them and started our casual conversation, most of the guy’s cock were getting hard. They were just staring at our boobs and shaved pussy. One guy went very intimate with Sweena and they started to kiss. They went to a cottage which he had booked and they started to have sex.