Story Of A Married Woman’s True Love And Lust

Hi, my name is Siddhartha from Hyderabad.My height is 5’10” and I have an average physique like a normal guy.

This is my true life experience in the end of 2014. Hope you all guys will enjoy the story and will send review to me at

I got a job in Hyderabad and shifted to a colony in Dilsuknagar. I rented a single room in the first floor of the building and the owners use to live in Bangalore.

In the ground floor, a family of 4 members was living, wife, husband and 2 kids. One boy was in the 5th class and the other boy was in the 7th class.

Without many conversations with them, my life was running like an ordinary bus. Her name is Geetanjali, and on one Sunday, she came on a terrace for clothes in evening and at that time I was sitting outside the room and was listening to songs.

She smiled at me and I too showed my teeth, I don’t have any bad intentions as she was married.

The same happened like that in the next week and she asked the details about my job and parents.

I also asked about her family, her husband is a private job employee and they have a happy family. She gave some snacks to eat and in a formal way I moved my hand to shake hand and for that, she did not respond. She said namaste and with a smile and went down.

Next day when I went down to give her room keys before going to the office, she was cleaning some small table and she bent down for that. She was in a nightgown with a loose neck and I can clearly see her mangoes just hanging from a tree.

She was in white color and they were moving like soft cotton balls. I am staring at them as all of us do then she suddenly looked at me and took the keys. She did not observed but I felt embarrassed as she is a married woman.

In the next few days, we talked and exchanged numbers. I started talking to her daily and day by day. Our conversations started crossing 1 to 2 to 3 hours.

Then we started talking about our lives and casual talks. Sometimes we talked till all night up to 1 am or 2 am. We became little closer as friends and on one day I asked her what her husband was doing. And then I said that her husband might be waiting for her. For that, she said he has a habit of sleeping at 9 pm.

Me: Then what about sex.
She: Why I should tell you and it’s too much to ask a friend.
Me: As a friend out of curiosity I asked.
She: We do on early mornings
Me: Ok

And on that night I asked all her first-night details. She explained to me as they did proper sex after 1 month of marriage as both were virgins.

She was married at the age of 20 and now she is 33. And also said that they have a gap of 10 years in.

Next day she called me down at 8 pm and asked to accompany her to get some bakery items as her husband comes at 10 pm.

She took her scooty as I sat backside and she went slowly in some streets to take Icecreams. While returning she applied brakes and my hands slipped on her hips to touch, they were so smooth.

She is 5’4″ in height and fair color. Maybe 36 30 38 her size and attractive. She has a nice smile with a care in nature.I did not remove my hands till we reach home and while getting down I just pressed her hip suddenly, I said sorry.

She said sorry by pressing my hand and smiled. I too smiled said sorry. I am feeling somewhat happy as something is running between us. She talked about the night casually and I didn’t sleep because of the hip effect.

In a week for 3 days, we went on scooty as a ride for half an hour as her kids were watching TV. And I became free in the starting of the ride but I only kept my hands on her hips.

When we went in the dark, I was circling on her hips with my hands and but I didn’t know what she was feeling. She was definitely not uncomfortable as we are doing this regularly.

And on one night I asked her how she was feeling when I kept my hands on her hips and when I pressed her. She said you are a kid, I am feeling as some kid is pressing my hips.

I was shocked for few seconds and I didn’t know what to say. And we both the exchanged smiles. The conversations between us and WhatsApp messages crossing our limits like as we are friends from years.We both so happy with each other.