Fucked My Roommate Girlfriend

Fucked My Roommate Girlfriend – Indian Sex Stories


Hello, my is rohit and I’m from delhi. I’m 26 years old and I’m slim and tall.

This story is how I fucked my roommate girlfriend

This story is when I was studying in 3rd year(2014) for my b.Tech degree, I was living in 2 bhk flat with my batchmate deepak.
Deepak had a beautiful gf (preeti), she was very well built with good assets(32-28-34).We all were very good friends and known each other from 1st year.

Preeti mostly used to live in our flat, as deepak and preeti were sexually active. By the third year, I started finding preeti very attractive and it’s all because I saw her taking bath one day and from that day I wanted to fuck her.

Now during 3rd year summer, deepak had to go out of station for some college competition for a week and during that time preeti and I was living in the apartment, it was not the first time we lived when deepak had to go out.

One day I was masturbating in my room when preeti stormed into my room after realizing the situation see backtracked instantaneously. I was embarrassed but also happy that now I can take advantage of this situation. I came out of the room after half an hour pretending to be very angry, where preeti was sitting.

Preeti- sorry, I didn’t know….

Me (angry voice)- you are supposed to knock the door before entering into others room, please don’t talk to me.

Preeti- I’m sorry

I didn’t respond I went into my room.

For the next 2 days, I didn’t say a word to her, I was just making her feel guilty. On purpose, I used to go to kitchen (when she was making food) and return back with a bottle of water
Without saying any word.

On the third night, after dinner preeti came into my room after knocking my door and sat beside me, to ignore her I plugged my earphone. She just sat there for next 3 hours, now I turned my laptop off and told her please go to your room, as I was feeling sleepy

Preeti- I’m not going anywhere unless you talk to me.

Me- I’m not comfortable, what if I entered into your room and saw you masturbating??

Preeti(kept quiet for some time)- I would have forgiven you if you did that by mistake

Me- it’s easy to say.

Preeti- what you want, then???

Me- get naked, I want to touch you your body

Preeti(suprised)- you are joking

Me- no I’m not joking

Preeti- I can’t do that

Me- so, please go to your room, there is no point talking then. Now you can understand how I felt.

Preeti(bamboozled)- stay quiet for some time then eventually left my room

Now, I was very angry with myself as I thought my plan would work but she left instead. After some time I fell asleep.

I woke up from sleep with a tight slap to my face, preeti was sitting naked in front of me.

Preeti(angry voice)- you wanted to feel my body, now feel it. This day never happened between us, concsiounessshe took my hand placed on her boob.

Me consciousness from sleep)- I put her on my lap, and grabbed her one boob and planting a big kiss on her lips, she doesn’t respond to it. After getting no response from her I let go off her boob and said look I didn’t force you.

Preeti(again slapped me)- you always wanted to fuck me, don’t you???

Me(angry voice)- yes, I want to fuck you, who wouldn’t want to fuck you, but I’m not going to force you, you can go to your room if you’re not into it.

Preeti didn’t say anything nor did she left the room, so I again planted a kiss now she responded with a kiss, we kissed for 5-6 minutes while my hands busy fondling her breast.After that I started kissing her breast, she was moaning lightly. I sucked on her breast with my tongue while also biting in between. Now I moved further downwards kissing her naval.While I was kissing her naval her body was shivering.

I planted one hand inside her panty, started finger fucking her while my other hand busy in fondling her breast. I was in hurry to fuck her because I hadn’t had sex for months but I somehow controlled myself as I wanted this night to make worthwhile.

After some time of finger fuck, she was totally dripping. I removed her panty and cleaned her pussy with it. Now when moving my face towards her pussy, she resisted saying she never done that with deepak, as deepak never licked her pussy.

After some persuasion she agreed, then I took some honey in my hands and applied on her pussy and started licking of her, she was going crazy as she never experienced tongue in her pussy before, her moaning getting louder and louder. I licked, bite, finger fucked her, while she achieved her orgasm.

Now it’s my time, I placed a sofa below her hip, she spread her legs invited my penis to penetrate her. I planted my penis on her pussy and teased her as I rubbed on the outer skin.
Now I can see in her eyes the desperation. I pushed my penis inside her with some force as her pussy was tight. I started slowly fucking her in missionary position, she also started moving her ass to support me, after 5-6 minutes of missionary fucking I told her to lie down in doggy style(as I prefer doggy as it gives better penetration), I again fucked her fucked her for 3-4 minutes before I came inside her. Her pussy was now filled with my sperm, she got up cleaned her pussy with a piece of cloth and started to walk towards her room.

I held her arms and asked her to sleep with me for the night, as after that night we are never going to talk about it and pretend like nothing happened between us. She agreed and slept alongside me.

Next morning, I casually asked her while having breakfast.
Me- preeti, should I bring you the pills because I didn’t use the condoms.
Preeti- now you are worried.
She smiled and said she was already on pills.

From that day our relation changed, for the outer world, we were friends but she and I knew we were not friends anymore.

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