Sexy Shiny Aunty Got Fucked

Sexy Shiny Aunty Got Fucked

Sexy Shiny Aunty Got FuckedHi, everyone! I am 18-year-old and I am doing my engineering. I am a guy with a huge sexual drive. Here I am writing about my first experience of sex and that too with my aunt. The lady I am talking about is 12 years elder to me and her name is Shiny. She is a sexy lady with sculpted breasts and a hot and burning ass.

She just flew back from Kerala a few days back. And from the time I saw her I had strong sexual feelings growing in me, as was her sexy body.

We had a party the next day at a relative’s place. She blissfully welcomed me to have food with her. I readily agreed.

We had dinner together and had a long chat while doing so. And it seemed that she was taken away by my talks.My dad asked me to drop her home as she was alone. And well her husband couldn’t make it to hyd cause he had a meeting elsewhere.

So I dropped her home and kissed goodbye. We already grew some chemistry there I felt.

I went back home and started thinking of her. The entire night I couldn’t get any sleep. The only thing that was in my mind was her sexy body. Beautifully sculpted. Her big boobs and hot ass flashed through my mind. I masturbated fantasizing her in order to erase her for that particular moment.

The next day whilst I was making my way to college I was thinking to open up my heart to her about my feelings. I gave it a long thought and decided to let her know it someday soon.

Days passed and we were the best of buddies, we didn’t share an aunt or niece relation, but rather that of best buddies.

One day after returning from the college I went to her place. I rang the door bell, she opened up and was very surprised to see me. She welcomed me and offered me a drink.

We started chatting. I was all nerves to tell her my feeling, I didn’t know hoe to start. While we were talking there came a kissing scene on the TV.

She enjoyed watching that and told me that she loved the french kiss. Suddenly she bent down to take a magazine from the bottom of the table., and there I saw her big mounts! I can’t tell you how happy and nerves I was then.

And to my surprise, she was not wearing a bra. Her boobies hung loose inside her maxi and my eyes were teased by those during our conversation. I think that she was having a bath before I bumped in.

Slowly our conversation got to the next level. We started talking about sex and her sex life. She said that she never had a good orgasm in the last six months, and my brother had little time for sex. I was feeling pity for her. I asked her whether she masturbates. She said that was the only solace for her.

Now I felt this was the right time to tell her my feelings, but I didn’t know how to start. Then suddenly she asked whether I had sex with someone ever. I replied, “No, but would never put down a chance” then she asked me my thoughts on her as a lady.

I started flattering her and not letting loose the chance started praising her sexy body. I told her that she had a sexy figure and that her boobs were her main attraction. Then she asked me whether I ever fantasized her during my masturbation. I told her that I did. She gave me an evil smile, I gave her back.

She asked me whether I want to feel her breast and fondle it. I didn’t back off. Then she took my hand and placed it over her breasts and asked me to fondle it. I started fondling it giving it light presses. She seemed to be enjoying it like heaven. Her lips biting each other and giving out light sounds aroused me.

She was slithering in her chair while I was giving her the pleasure. As she was not wearing a bra it was really arousing for me to work her breasts with her smooth silk maxi. I can’t just pen down that feel I had.

Now she asked me to take my hand in through the maxi. I couldn’t do it from the top, so I asked her to get up. I gave a tight hug to her hips and started running my hands all over her lustful body. I felt her panties.

I slowly pulled her maxi up and slipped my hand in, now touching her ass I took my hand up.

I made a few rounds with my fingers over back, she was enjoying it with burning pleasure. She told me I was possibly the best man she could ever have a stand with. Now I started pressing her ass, pulling it up gave her pleasure.