Unexpected Fuck With Wife’s Hot Friend

Unexpected Fuck With Wife’s Hot Friend

Unexpected Fuck With Wife’s Hot FriendI am Shailendra back with another real story. I had been lying sprawled on the tv lounge sofa, when my wife Neelum, had asked me to take a shopping bag over to her friend’s (Nausheen’s) house.

I yawned, complained and got up after a few minutes, it was always best to be a little reluctant. Married life is like that.

I took it easy walking the block or so to Nusheen’s flat. I was in no hurry, besides it was a pleasant afternoon, cloudy with a cool breeze gently blowing.

I smiled as Nausheen greeted me at the door of her apartment. Her cheerful, smile and dark brown almond shaped eyes were so attractive and she insisted I take a cold drink before going back home.

I let my gaze quickly into her large breasts, beautifully lifted by her bra and displayed by the well-tailored kameez (long shirt) she wore. When usually the chak (side-slits) went from hemline to just below the middle of the hip, the chaks in her kameez went higher, revealing some skin above the shalwar waistband. The sight of a bit of her soft, smooth and usually unseen skin as she turned sideways stirred evil thoughts in my horny mind.

I sat and watched Nausheen leave the hall to get a drink. My eyes were riveted on the almost perfect hips beautifully swaying as she moved and the fine butt of hers. The kameez gently hugged her buttocks revealing the full shape in a very flattering way.I adjusted my prick in my slacks; the erotic thoughts in my mind were giving me a hard on.

She came back with a coke and placed it on the coffee table in front of me. As she leaned down to place it on the low table, I got a beautiful view of her boobs through the low cut neck of her kameez. Momentarily, I saw the white lacy cup of her bra before she straightened up and took a seat facing me.She smoothed the fabric of her kameez down as she chatted with me. My eyes followed her hands as they stroked the fabric from below her full breasts to her lap.

We made small talks as I sipped my coke. After a while, she leaned forward to move an ornament decorating the coffee table, giving me another eyeful of her lovely light brown breasts when she said, “I wonder if you could help me with something?”

“If I can”, I replied, drinking in the sight before me.

I followed her as she asked me to come into the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. My eyes were fixated on her ass as she moved ahead of me. “The shower head is stuck and I need to take it off and clean it, you know, so the shower can get a good pressure”, she said as she turned on the shower.

I could see at once that some lime scale had blocked some of the holes in the shower head and that it did indeed need cleaning.Turning the shower off, I stepped into the shower cubicle and started twisting the shower head off.

Suddenly the shower came on and I was quickly soaking wet.

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I am sorry. My hand slipped”, Nausheen, said quickly turning off the faucet.

She handed me a towel as I stepped out of the shower soaking wet.

“Oh dear. You can’t go out in those wet clothes, let me fetch some of my husband’s clothes for you,” she said quickly leaving the bathroom.

“Take those wet things off and dry yourself properly,” she called out from the bedroom.

I stood in the bathroom in only my damp briefs with a towel wrapped around my waist. Nausheen came inside the bathroom and picked up the wet clothing, “Where are your briefs?”, she asked as she picked through the damp clothing.

“I am still wearing them”, I replied a little embarrassed by the question.

“Take them off. You will catch cold wearing damp underwear. I will put then out to dry,” she explained leaving the bathroom again.

I had just taken them off and was picking up the towel to wrap around myself when Nausheen came back in.I stood motionless and shocked, my manhood fully exposed to Nausheen. Before I could say or do anything, she came quickly over to me and embraced me, kissing my face and neck.

“Oh good”, she said as her hand reached down to handle my rapidly rising cock.

I returned her kisses, moving my mouth over hers as she pulled on my cock slowly. “Your family?”, I asked between kisses as my hands mauled her breasts and her hand eagerly pumped my cock.

“Forget about them” she cooed, “I want you to make love to me.”

We began to kiss again, I was holding her in a tight embrace as she messed with my hair and moved her body against me. My hands moved to her hips and then her butt. Pulling her close and pressing my now fully erect cock against her.