My Mom Sunita And Bhaskar Uncle’s Affair

Naveen pushed me aside and started watching. He then looked at me and said “kis ke liye ruka hai” I understood what he wanted and so I removed my clothes too and started giving him a handjob.

Something turned in me at that very moment. I was never attracted to boys but at that very moment of heat, I found naveen to be very sexy. I ran my left hand over his back and pulled his hair and head back. He looked and me and I kissed him on his lips. he hugged me and kissed back. We started kissing each other everywhere – on the chest, face, hands, legs. Then Naveen took me to him room and proceeded to lick my asshole. He also put is fingers in it which felt very pleasurable. I tired to play with his dick but he pushed me on his bed and said “teri virgin gaand to aaj chudegi” I got scared but at that very moment I heard more moans coming from uncle’s bedroom which made me horny and I said ” hana chod de mujhe Naveen, fuck my ass”

Naveen fucked me like a beast. My asshole pained like hell but he kept fucking me. After around 15 minutes of fucking, he came inside my ass. Then he gave me a blowjob and drank all my juices.
I went back to the bedroom door where mom was still getting fucked by this animal. I came back and saw Naveen bent over like a bitch over the bed and said “meri gand kaun marega” I fucked his ass for around 20 minutes then came inside him. I also sucked his cock and he came on my chest. We both showered and then wore our clothes back.

The pounding in uncles bedroom had now stopped. I saw mom laying in each others arms – completely exhausted. I went back to my flat and slept peacefully.

Mom and uncle continued their relationship till the time we got transferred back to Ratnagiri. Everyone in the society knew that she was his mistress and nobody took money from us. We got newspaper, milk etc for free. Everyone called her “Madam ji”. Mom was also completely devoted to uncle. She used to cook for him every night. He also made her have a few drinks at times. After drinking, mom became even more horny and uncle used to tell me to leave the flat when they drank and come back in the morning. After a few times when I left them alone, mom also came to know that I am aware of their relationship. She tried to talk to me about uncle because she was scared that I might tell someone.

Mom “Beta, uncle aur mai sirf achche dost hai aur kuch nahi. Tum to jaante ho log kya baatein karte hain. Kisi ko batana mat haan humari dosti ke baare me”

Me “Mom, ye jo free me doodh, paper aur baaki cheezien milti hai kya vo bhi sirf dosti ki wajah se hai?”

Mom was silent.
Me : “Aur ye jo sab log madam ji madam ji bolte hain vo?”
Mom : “Arey beta vo to…”

I cut her off

Me : “Dekho mom mujhe sab samajhta hai. Aapke aur uncle ke rishte ko mai achchi tarah se pehchanta hun. Mujhe pata hai ki aap dono ek dusre se bahut pyar karte hai aur dono ke physical relations bhi hai”
Mom: “kya bol rahe to beta tum aisa kuch bhi nahi hai…”

Me : “Mom jhooth mat bolo mujhse warna aaj hi papa ko sab sach sach bata dunga. Mai jaanta hun aap dono sex karte ho isiliye mai Naveen ke flat me so jaata hun. Mujhe isme koi problem nahi hai par mere saamne jhooth mat bolo. Pehle aap accept karo ki aapka asli relation kya hai uncle ke saath aur fir mai promise karta hun ki papa ko koi khabar nahi hogi”